We Empower Founders
  • We are a collective of Founders, Engineers, Creatives, Investors and Mentors who help build and invest in Early Stage technology companies.

As Co-Founders, Andre and Gerhard are leveraging their networks to build a collective of incredible humans that are motivated to help the world by creating impactful new companies. We believe that we can achieve incredible outcomes when we put together the power of curated communities to solve problems, and we are fortunate to have a diverse and highly experienced group of people that we can draw on.

Triniti Studio is currently growing the team and is also looking to create partnerships with purpose-driven organisations. 


Gerhard Diedericks

Gerhard has company building ingrained in his DNA and has spent the last 18 years of his career at the intersection of company building, investing and corporate innovation. He shares a trait that is common amongst the Triniti Studio core team. He has the heart of a Mentor, the mind of a Management Consultant and the spirit of a Founder.


Gerhard has been previously acknowledged as a Top Australian Innovation Award winner and serves as a founder mentor for Founders Institute and Sparklabs. Prior to Triniti Studio, Gerhard incubated companies within Industrie&Co Ventures— he led the program that produced over $50 million in new company valuations in the first year.


Andre Gallo

As a serial company founder, Andre shares a unique trait that is common amongst the Triniti Studio core team. He has the heart of a Craftsman, the mind of a Management Consultant and the spirit of a Founder.


He brings a strong blend of design, technical and commercial expertise. Having worked in diverse environments across Australia, the US and Latin America, Andre is driven and outcome-focused and is deeply committed to creating the next wave of impact-focused businesses in Australia and beyond.


Natalia Higuera

Natalia has the heart and eye of an Artist,  the entrepreneurial spirit and relentless execution drive of a Startup Founder, and the business expertise and professionalism of a Management Consultant. With these qualities Natalia looks at the world differently, she sees the world as opportunities for new digital products, platforms and companies.

She goes beyond innovation and helps companies attain true customer and market relevancy. She does this by applying her powers of Product Strategy, UX & Visual Design and Lean/Agile Delivery.

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