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Founder Studio Services
  • Rapid Stage 1 Company Builds - leveraging the unique FounderOS Platform


  • Business, Customer, Technology + Impact (BCT+i ) Design Sprints


  • We provide mentoring and advice for Founders and teams on all aspects of the company building journey.


  • Need a CTO? We provide CTO services for non-technical Founders.

Advise & Coach

How we are different

Triniti Methodology & Algorithm

Founders can only be successful if they understand that at all times they need to strike a fine balance between the Business, Customer and Technology tasks of the new company creation journey. 


This is an incredibly hard thing to do in the early stages of a new purpose driven company’s life and yet we know this is critical and provides a better chance of being successful.

Triniti helps Founders turn their ideas into Companies.



By leveraging our proven Triniti methodology and our unique FounderOS Platform, we are able to rapidly help Founders build new investable companies


Our Stage 1 Program

We focus on Stage 1 of the Early Stage company development journey.


Stage 1 is the start of the journey. This means the Founder has an idea or a concept but not much else. This first stage has the greatest unknown’s, carries the highest risk and is, therefore the hardest for Founders to navigate. This is where we thrive and where we have a successful track record.

"It works..."

Technology Outcome

“...Early Adopter Customers use it..." Customer Outcome

"...and they have started paying for it."

 Business Outcome

Stage #1 Target Outcomes


Let's talk about your ideas

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Our Portfolio

Using our approach we have directly helped Founders create 6 new startups with combined market valuations of over $80 million*


The Triniti Studio team has collectively…



Founded 6 startups ourselves - with both great exits and some failures along the way



Mentored well over a 100 Startups in 5 countries



Supported 4 Founders to raise their first funding round



Invested in 8 startups through both cash and mentor equity deals

We believe that collectively we have a unique mindset, vetted processes and track record of building Early Stage companies.

*Detailed information on the portfolio can be provided on request