We Empower Founders
  • Our fund allows us to invest in great teams and we assist Founders with raising capital from our extensive and multi-regional investor network.


Triniti maintains an equity portfolio of selected Early Stage companies that we have had a material stake in their evolution and success.

We deploy capital from our Seed Fund and we partner with a range of Investors who appreciate our studio approach and theme focus. Our portfolio typically focuses on B2B Platforms.


Our focus is around the principle of customer empowerment 

We look to work with Founders who are aligned with the following Business Model outcomes;

De-monetising cost of entry

Teams that are working towards lowering the costs for customers to utilise services and products with a high cost of entry.

Disrupting Financial Exclusion

Teams that are working towards disrupting highly exclusionary business models that currently only benefits narrow stakeholder groups.

Democratising access & control

Teams that expand customers abilities to gain access to and control over personal information, economic opportunities and new products and services.

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