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Triniti guides SME's on their digital journey.



We bring our Founder DNA and our extensive experience in helping SME's transform their current operations into a fast growing, digitally scalable business.

Build Studio - SME Innovation Services

Triniti is uniquely positioned to assist SME's with their innovation journey


We bring our Founder DNA and our extensive experience in business Innovation together to form a proven capability that can help SME's not just achieve relevant Innovation outcomes but importantly measurable business impact. Our Triniti company building methodology is a unique way of creating meaningful value. 


  • Innovation Strategy Design

  • Business Model Advisory

Advise & coach

  • Innovation Coaching

  • Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EiR) Services


  • Rapid Stage 1 Company Builds - leveraging the unique FounderOS Platform

  • Business, Customer, Technology  (BCT) Design Sprints

How we are different

How we are different

Founders can only be successful if they understand that at all times they need to strike a fine balance between the Business, Customer and Technology tasks of the new company creation journey. 


This is an incredibly hard thing to do in the early stages of a new purpose driven company’s life and yet we know this is critical and provides a better chance of being successful.

Triniti Methodology & Algorithm

Our Stage 1 Program

We focus on Stage 1 of the Early Stage company development journey.


Stage 1 is the start of the journey. This means the Founder has an idea or a concept but not much else. This first stage has the greatest unknown’s, carries the highest risk and is, therefore the hardest for Founders to navigate. This is where we thrive and where we have a successful track record.

"It works..."

Technology Outcome

“...Early Adopter Customers use it..."

Customer Outcome

"...and they have started paying for it."

Business Outcome

Stage #1 Target Outcomes


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Our Portfolio

The Triniti team has collectively Over 15 years experience working with innovation Programs*


Guided business accelerator programs in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore

Consulted to business Intrapreneurs around Innovation & Product Strategy in the Banking, Investment, Legal, Media, Agriculture and Government sectors

Coached numerous business teams on how to combine Design Thinking, Lean and Agile in the building of new products.

*Detailed information on the portfolio can be provided on request